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Two legends

March 3, 2009
Posted by 300994

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Midwest, REPRESENT! Smiling It's no surprise that our region of the country has produced some of its finest talent: Michael (Indiana), Madonna (MICHIGAN) and Prince (Minnesota)!! And I love and respect them ALL.

Really 2 legends, I love Madonna and Michael!!!! L.O.V.E. from Brazil!!

What a nice smile, but I think people judge him too much. Look he just was having a nice time in his life can't people focus on their own lives instead of his? He may have had the most personal life, but why do we have to get into it? Just to let you all know his appearance is better than you think. I've looked online and there are people with worser things than he had. Attraction is nothing, love is everything.


LISTEN... No wonder she wanted Michael as a Date!!!... He's The SEXIEST Most BEAUTIFUL Man EVER & FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ And They Both of Course Look Verry Beautifull Togther!!!!! AND on one note... MICHAEL JACKSON is EVERYTHING....Not Only the KING of POP but The KINg of MUSIC, SONG & DANCE!!!!! FOREVER..NO ONe will EVER EVER EVER Top or EVEN come EVEN alittle Close to HIM! ♥

i see one legend and one pop icon
michael didn't really like madonna....

¬¬ !

Correction: One and a half legend. Ms. M and her boobs don't count.

MY TWO IDOLS! (L) Madonna is awesome, Michael is the BEST!

what difference does it make they both have been making music since time began so that makes them legends, one cant compete with the other cuz its all in the music you like as an individual.