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July 27, 2009

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Hubba, hubba! I'm focussing on all the fun, wonderful, magical and joyous memories which alleviates the grieving process. But, oh, he's deadset bonzalicious, gorgelicious Jackolicious and Thrillerlicious judging from that photo from the video of "The Way You Make Me Feel". Staying true to the reciprocation of the lyrical content of the song, he realled turned me on, and still does to this day. Gee I'm going to miss this mild, meek, self-effacing, introverted but sexy angel. Long live the Hunka-Hunka King!

So fine !

wow all i can say i wow he is so damn fine wether hes dark or light (not to be racist) he is still fine damn michael your were surely blessed mwah.!