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Donna Green with Michael

March 4, 2009
Posted by DonnaGreen

Donna Green with Michael. Vegas 2003

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his perfum is amazin.... and presence intoxicant

i wonder why no one could make out that the photo is actually a morphed one....the lady's picture is pasted...since i am a graphic designer i am pretty much sure

I wish I were you
do you know which lotion he used? I `w like to know.

i was never more jealous than at this moment..
you met him twice..!!? and i..i havn't even met him once..that is so not fair!
don't take it personal..i'm just so sad that now there's no chance to meet him anymore..

Wow you are very very lucky to have met him
I wish i were you!

Jealous is the word that comes to mind Smiling

You're sooo lucky !!!

What he was like ?

I know who you are Donna!

You were at the MSG concerts in New York 2001

And I remember reading a story about you and your daughter spending quality time with Michael.

Thank you so much for sharing..


This pic is simply perfect Smiling Eye-wink I really loved it...S2..

I'll say it simple : BEAUTIFUL