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Thriller Press Shot

Michael Jackson in White Suit during Thriller Press Shot
March 05, 2009

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So cute ,sexy ,hot. hooo, lord help me for i have been hypmitized by the sexiest man in the world

We miss you badly...

I miss him alot

wjen i first herd the thriller album it was 12 and it deffently left me moonstruck

Beat It was my 1st & only song that I sang wit broken lyrics at age 4. Michael was the 1st man wit whom I had fallen in love wit & wanted to marry. Even till date I love anybody who looks like my MJ. I try to relate everybody to him. I love MJ & will love forever & hate & abuse everybody who hates my Michael.

hi my name is krystal and i love mj and im only 13 im the only person at my school who likes him it makes my sad because lots of people should love him like we do on im telling u its just sad they all say he is a f** but he is not no1 is

No matter how he looked or what he did he was always Sexy(with a capital S) The older the Sexxier

i LOVE Michael Jackson! Something really sad is that Justin Bieber "baby" has 200,00,00 views, but Michael Jackson "man in the mirror" has only about 40,000,000 views. Honestly, I really hope "baby" has A LOT of dislikes.

I like these pictures, but personally, I think the older Michael got the sexier he got.

I like the photos. Peronally, I think the older he got the sexier he got.