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December 28, 2011

"I always enjoyed the feeling of being onstage-the magic that comes. When I hit the stage it's like all of a sudden a magic from somewhere just comes and the spirit just hits you and you just lose control of yourself."


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Michael, my sweet sweet Angel,
you are Magic onstage and offstage,
you are wonderful inside and outside,
You are my light, my sun, my only happiness .......
I see you and suddenly I come back happy ......
THIS IS MAGIC : your soul, your heart, your eyes,
your music, songs, dance, your soft voice,
your politeness, your innocence, your love for us,
everything of you is very very MAGIC....
And..." I just lose control of myself ".....
because "you control me",
my heart and my soul ,my life.....

This magic that MJ talks about must have been real. Off stage, MJ was very shy, very humble, sweet, and kind. However, when he got on stage, he turned into a different person. He owned it. He mesmorized his audience, almost put them in a trance. His performances were hypnotic. That is why you saw people fainting and crying and screaming and going bonkers. He owned them at that moment too. He had a way about himself on stage, that said "move over, this is my domain" and it was. His fans, to this day, still adore him. He was definitely a star in every sense of the word. God sent him to us. Even though he was only here with us for a short time, he had such an impact on so many things, it was like he was some kind of eternal being. He truly was the greatest performer the world has ever seen!!!! RIP

L.O.V.E. Smiling

oh michael i feel that way everytime i hear your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i luv how u can make your songs and performances feel like magic everytime i hear them we all luv u michael and what u have done 4 the world rest in peace Smiling

MJs performances He be gettin down and having fun. Thats the best job you can have the one that you enjoy. ILY mj

Yes, I can see that in every single MJ's performance .... Michael is the best of the best and I love him so much that he really lights up my life.

I always enjoyed the feeling - your being onstage - the magic that comes. The magic from somewhere just comes and I just lose control of yourself. You are the magic. I wish I could lose with you. I love you so much.

Reading that quote & I know being onstage, performing for his fans is his true dream. It's only when you're finally doing what you really wanna do in your life makes you feel like magic comes & a wonderful force just meets you & you make what you to the best way ever. I wish I could be like him, achieving my oh-so-impossible dream.

Michael, baby not only in your phenominal, spectacular, brilliant, awesome, and polished to a t performances, the magic happens offstage. I cannot help it, you know that I constantly think about our day. The day we met. (Smile). Like it was yesterday, I can still see that very sexy look in your eyes; feel the magic of your sweet touch. How I long to see you again; to feel your touch. To tell/show you how much I love and adore you. You are a very kind, amazing, wonderful and interesting man. I've gotta add you are fine as heck. I love you more and more each day babe. To think of actually being with you, feeling the way that I do; talk about out of this world- I'm already there. You just don't know how I love you suga'. You are so very dear to me. You are so full of the spirit of God. I thank you for so much. I think about how God has used you to bless me with wisdom that the best of schools could never teach. Like really loving God. About God's good and perfect plan. About walking in God's-given destiny and purpose. About God's timing, which is always perfect. To hold on to God how never fails. That He is always on time; never one minute late. Such wisdom is priceless; so valuable. Not only is it true that a lot of people never know the true mean of love; they never find out why they are even here; which at the end of the day goes right back to love. Baby you've taught me to really make that change and make life count. To be an added blessing to others; truly caring. To never stop growing. To always strive to be better... Thank you baby. You know that I could always go on. So in closing for now, I LUV U sweetheart. Thinking about you always. Loving you and more; nonstop. You know that you put a move my heart suga'. (Smile). Sending my love, AWLOHAK. Faithfully yours and only yours 4ever. Hugging you and the kids, sweethearts/the family in the spirit. Kisses.