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New Michael Jackson site launched!

March 02, 2009

Welcome to the new We’ve launched a new site to connect you – the fans – with the world of Michael Jackson. Please leave your feedback and comments and visit the help section for more information.


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the new web-design is frekkin cool! but is there a forum of some sort in here?? i kindda miss that.

i'm really very happy for this comeback of our KING OF POP and KING OF ENTERTAINMENT. I do hope for Michael's new SUCCESS. GOD BLESS YOU MICHAEL just really take good care of yourself "i love you more". May this tour will be again the beginning and the continuos of your success. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

welcome back to uk michael, i cant believe it im sooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!! i cant wait til july
this will be the besr birthday present ever!!!!! i have loved you all of my life, roll on july ....yippee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, I love M.J, he'll always be the greatest artist of all the time. He's made history and changed lives, I respect him for that, he's someone else.

But this website improvement is not great at all, this seems to something that we could have seen when off the wall was the hit. I mean about 30 years ago. What we really need in here is the new album design. I'm sure M.J is not going backward, I mean from Ultimate collection, the essential, the 25th of Thriller and now Off the wall.... So what are we going to expect for a new design??? the Jackson 5??? Please change this to now to date upcoming album that Michael has for us fans and his kids....

Hope you understand where I am coming from.



I think the new website is great.
I think they did the Off The Wall design to mark nearly 30 years of that great album.

Great news MJ is back in the UK, after all this Legend has been through. I had the Honour of being one of his drivers for 4 1/2 months in Europe and UK on the Dangerous Tour.and would like to shake his hand again after all this time. Saying Hi to michael, Bill Bray, Wayne ,Charles and all the other guys and to the Fans.

Well I have to tell two things. First, I don't like the new desing of the site, please try again. About the press conference in London I am very excited about that, I hope MJ announce the concerts and maybe some dates outside the O2 Arena, and of course announce more detalis about Off The Wall 30th Anniversary Edition and talk about the new album. Please!!.

Michael,come on!
I love you,forever!

Can't wait to see you all there in the summer! It's going to be amazing seeing a concert hall full of people I have been chatting to but never actually met!
I hope Michael does most (if not all Sticking out tongue) of the Invincible album! Especially Unbreakable, I think that would be rather appropriate...
Try not to explode with the excitement! Love to all of you for loving Michael!
Oh and Michael we love you Smiling But you know that <3
MWAH! xxx

michael you are the king forever, you are the best, your return is the best news than we have received!!!