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Michael and Tatiana kiss

July 2, 2010
Posted by jahmjfan

This is Michael and Tatiana's surprising kiss in "The way you make me feel" during the BAD tour. After this incident Tatiana could no longer work for Michael. (But they looked so cute together XD)

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ahhhhh shes lucky i would love to get kissed like that by michael i would fall dead!!!! cute couple by the way!!! nice kiss!! haha! love you mike!!

oh my god i wish i was her so bad!!! michael looks so hot in this pis ahhh!! so jealous!! but anyways shes pretty. they make an amazing couple!!! nice kiss you guys!!

She's the luckiest girl ever. I would have loved to kiss him. I would have loved for him to just touch me!! A kiss would have blown me away completely! I love Michael so much, he will forever be in my heart. This is a wonderful pic, but to Titana - "The Boy is Mine". LOVE YOU ALWAYS MICHAEL!!!!!

She is so lucky Michael is so hot

Thanks so much for the picture!!! It made my day!!!
I didn't even know Michael kissed Tatiana in "The Way You Make Me Feel"....in fact, I didn't even know her name was Tatiana 'til I saw one other pic of her.
Well, the pic makes me wonder who else Michael has kissed that I don't know about. So, now I see that he was serious when he sung "The Way You Make Feel" to her...She's so lucky!! I love Michael a lot and to be that close to him would be sooooooooo beautiful. If he kissed me, I'd faint and be the happiest girl in the universe!!! He's so handsome!! The pic is really adorable...now I'm going to have to look up the BAD tour to see that kiss in action!!

Man, I wish I was her! She's just so darn lucky! I would've been the happiest person on the planet if Michael kissed me like that!

I have to agree with everyone when I say :
Man! She was LUCKY!

I love him and she certainly was one lucky girl. It would be an honor just to be that close to Michael.

i envy her... so hot!!!!