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Ebony Pic...

February 17, 2008
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Ebony Pic...

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Very beautiful!

Don't be so sure mjacksonrules, i love him a hell of a lot too... Sticking out tongue
And yeah Mike, gorgeous pic Eye-wink But seriously, you could make a bin bag look good Eye-wink
X Luv u for eternity and beyond mike

He is sooooooo beutifull i love seeng him so well dressed
he is so handsome its hard for me to belieive some times that this wonderfull looking man has left us:(
out of all the photos he took this one has to be one of the most beutifull ones he took.i love HIM more than any other girl on the planet.

I cant stop Thinkinq about Him and Its Painful too See that Michael Jackson Wont be on this Earth :'(

words can't describe how beautiful he is...but if they could, they would say he is the most beautiful man ever!!! and that suit is gorgeous, perfection on him. Smiling

He was the most beautiful man I have ever seen

he is absultly beautiful in this picture, they realy captured hs escince.
I love his hair.
love u mj!
youres forever!

The most beautiful!!!!! LOVE!!!!!

Of all the photos that Michael has taken and there were sooooo many. In my opinion this seems to be his crowning achievement. This picture seems to embody his royalty. After this shoot was done it should have been the beginning and the continuation of people just servicing him. It should have been people requesting an audience and/or writers and producers sending him scripts and such. There should have never been any so-called concert tour that he had to do to earn money. He had finally arrived to the place he was supposed to be and those worthless,undeserving leeches supposedly taking care of him ruined everything. He was so extraordinarily beautiful in this picture,I can't help but cry.

just too beautiful