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curls are back!

May 31, 2009
Posted by xxmjluver4evaxx

curls are back!

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Very nice pic !!!!

yay for curls!!!

I so wish I could of met him. I actually am a impersonator so I hope I get to go take a tour of Neverland sometime:)))))))).REST IN PEACE KING MICHAEL JACKSON I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!

I am very envious of. You're a lucky girl

people! this is a face in the hole website picture, it is not real...

This picture is really ??I envy you very much

he is so amazin there i wish i was you ..
i would love to lick his little face ha
he is so cute there and always love you mj may you rest in peace ..Smiling

que envidia!!!!! hubiera dado lo que fuera por tener una foto asi con Michael....eres muy afortunada y suertuda...felicidades.

ahh, im so jealous! he looks ammmmmmmmmmmmmmazing in curls! i want to meet him:) Sad

I saw this photo before he died, and he looked healthy. It was the image I remembered when they were saying otherwise about him. We all love the curls!