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Michael Jackson:
January 01, 1991

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This message is to SONY:

WHY do you keep deleting my great reviews that I work so hard to write?! This is the second time... Just because they are "older" (originally made in August 2009, and again posted in the spring of this year...) doesn't mean anything has changed!! Great music lasts forever! I post positive reviews, encouraging new fans to go out and buy the album, so I REALLY don't understand why my detailed reviews keep disappaering from these pages! Don't you WANT anyone to buy these Cds anymore?

Hope you'll stop doing that...

To everyone else... This is probably Michael's absolute BEST album... every song a gem! If SONY hadn't deleted my review, you'd know WHY!

Almost every one of the 17 tracks were written by HIM... and had that MJ touch of excellence!! Whether speaking about the strong dance tracks or the heartfelt ballads, they are all fantastic! And his soul is in every song! They are songs from his heart... his caring heart... telling of social strife, of pain, of lust, of love... of hope... A wonderful mix of escapism and awareness!!

GET IT!! You won't regret it!

I really dont understand why some of these songs have 4 or 3 1/2 star ratings...this album is VERY Underated. Its an amazing album. Be sure to listen to it! Smiling
SkyeSinger2 Smiling <3