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Michael Brunei concert

I had never seen this concert and I loved it. I've seen a lot of Michaels concert footage and I've never seen Michael look so sexy. I was watching it and I couldn't believe how beautiful Michael was. The thought that goes t hrough my head is if I had gotten to hug Michael I would never wash my clothes. He is drenched in sweat. It's just an incredibly sexy Michael.My favorite moments are 1:40 and 1:52.

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i love 1:52 Eye-wink

I have the dvd of the history concert. i think that is available on ebay and ioffer too. Thanks Nadia, will check out the link.

you guys HAVE to see the earth song performance!!!!!!! it's the best!

MY-MJ, I got the links from the MJJC forum but I don't think the links are available on there anymore. I've done a quick search and found the free download though http://www.filestube.com/54c9a8de5bc4269603e9,g/Michael-Jackson-Live-in-...

Yes, there were two concerts in Brunei. The Royal Concert (July 18th 1996), a celebration of the Sultan's Birthday and the History Concert (Dec. 31st 1996). Footage of both concerts are rare.

What I read is there were 2 performances in Brunei. One was a charity one for HM's birthday and another one which I think was History concert. BTW Nadia, where did you do the full download?

Nice birthday. Michael has never looked more beautiful.

ilvkuarmj is right. The concerts is kinda a mix between Dangerous and History concert. It was a celebration of the Sultan of Brunei's birthday.

I have downloaded the full concert some time ago and I LOVE it!

oh interesting!...i'd never heard about that...it doesnt quite look like 96 Michael tho but that may also explain why he has another woman other than Siedah Garrett singing with him on "I Just Cant Stop Loving You."

From my understanding is that the concert isn't from the dangerous tour. He performed in brunei in 96. He used the same costumes from the dangerous tour because he was working on the history tour. It had to be kept a secret. Correct me if I'm wrong but it was a concert for a birthday. I agree with you the more I watch it the more it's my favorite.

I think this has become my new favorite concert from the Dangerous tour...every video from it is just incredible!! and of course Michael looks AMAZING!!!! thanks for sharing Smiling