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Crazy fan jumping onto cherry picker during Earth Song

Just found this on youtube:

This guys just jumped up and caught a ride with Mike. And Michael- caring and sweet- makes sure he has a good hold so the guy doesn't fall. AWE!

I like how Security is waiting once the "Eagle has landed."

I would like to have been at that security briefing afterwards...

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Oh and I forgot to add,I WISH IT HAD BEEN ME. Smiling Michael held him so tight and he was just chillin and freaking out at the same time. I wonder where he is and what are his thoughts now.

I've always loved thus video. Michael handled this fan with such care and precision, never showing any negative emotion on his face. At first, I thought it was staged. And Michael never missed a beat, a true professional. He is perfection.

Wow, they really had to use a lot of hands the get rid of that guy! That must be a priceless experience for the guy, you can totally see all the stress he caused to Michael, by looking at his face specially at the end.

LOL!!! I was thinking about Titanic too hahahaha!!!

HAHA! that kid is STRAIGHT CHILLI'N like he's on the top of the titanic and s***!!! ahahaha. wats funny is that he's chilli'n all while mike is performing the s*** outta that song! thats so awesome of mj to hold on to him the whole time. i bet he was kinda mad because he couldnt perform full out and hang off the cherry picker over the crowd like he often did. but im sure he was glad that dude was safe. that was actually a riot:)

mj could have let that fool fall, but he didnt, he handled it professionally and never let go


I love it in the beginning right after he jumps on, how MJ secures his arm and then holds him around the waist. And when he switches the microphone over, he always makes sure he has him. He could have just not bothered and let the fool fall - but that was just so not in him. I love it. My husband watched me look at it earlier and was impressed by MJ as well (and he is sick and tired of hearing about him- so that means something)

Take the danger away and this is hilarous!

So amazing how calm & cool MJ was. Smooooooooothhhhhh!!!!!!!

As for the fan... I agree, he was high as a kite! Loving MJ... loving the experience... the flying... didn't have a clue as to the danger! ~rolling eyes~

†Michael... we love you more!

Peace & Love...


Yeah he could have been hurt. But he wasn't and that's why it's so funny! Damn I am jealous of that kid and I am a happily married MAN! My wife likes to watch that clip and admire MJ's professionalism and consideration for the kid's safety.
Lucky crazy ass--- what a memory he has now

"You guys could have killed me. And I am saying that with L.O.V.E."


Yeah, you're right. They guy could have stabbed him or pushed him off or something and it would have taken a minute to get them low enough to help the situation. Did you notice the picker seemed to land in an unplanned place just to get that lunatic off? Michael had to climb out awkwardly to get on stage and he seemed a bit shocked by it all. You could tell his heart was beating really fast and his adrenaline was pumping. I bet he was thinking "I've really got to get a grip on this fool...ima fire some of those security buffoons when this concert is over!"

I think this dude was WAY beyond logical thoughts. He looks high as a kite- either on adrenalin from the situation (high on Mike) or something else.

What I would not give to know the thoughts going throught Michael's head- beyond... holy sh...!

But what a total professional he was- keeping up the performance, his face so cool.

One comment on youtube remarked about how security really messed up, since had the person wanted to hurt Mike, they would have had a hard time to get to them.

That fan was so nonchalant about it. The fool didn't realize he could have killed himself and taken Michael with him. He wasn't even trying to hold on and MJ was trying to brace the both of them.

Right? To have Mike's arm around you like that, holding you....sigh.....

Notice how once the cherry picker comes down Michael hands him to security and they tackle him! What a moron! He couldve seriously hurt Michael made him fall, Michael was so professional kept on singing...

you mean "crazy ASS fan?" LOL I Love this clip. I am beyond jealous of this dude....