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You Will Be Missed Michael ~My 2nd Tribute to the King~

Hey everyone, I've been meaning to make a video like this for Michael for quite some time, I was just waiting for the perfect song, and I stumbled upon Akon's tribute to him. This song is so touching, and so very true and beautiful! I want to thank Akon for making such a beautiful song depicting everything that Michael trully was! All the messages in the video come straight from the heart! I did this for all of you, I did it for me, and I did for his family. I'm so tired of hearing a bunch of negativity, and garbage like Akon said, about Michael himself, about us fans, and even his own family.
I knew more then ever that I wanted to do a tribute like this when I heard things like "Paris was acting when she cried at the memorial", "why did the family make her speak, poor kid" , "Jermaine is promoting himself through his own brother's death" , "LaToya is trying create an image for herself using her brother's death". While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it becomes a little bit over the top when one casts judgement on another, especially that person's emotions! Michael's children are grieving the loss of their father, the only parent they've ever known. A devoted father who would do anything for his children! Paris' tears were very real, and I applaud her for having the courage to say something about her father in front of all those people! Jermaine & LaToya are grieving the loss of their little brother! All those siblings are grieving the loss of their brother!
Leave this family alone to grieve and to remember Michael, and all that he brought to their lives. Michael would want everyone to find peace and be happy, and that includes his family!

Don't Judge! Put yourself in someone else's shoes and see what it's like from their point of view, until then no one has the right to judge a person!

Michael, I love you, I miss will live forever in my heart xoxo
Rest in Peace

God Bless the Jackson family

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AW...what a wonderful tribute to Michael sweet, and thanks for standing up for the family, they are hurting and doing the best they can. You are a great and loving fan!!

Absolutely fantastic. Really good and a keeper!