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So, finally somewhere I can post this without people thinking i'm insane!
I will finally be able to attend my first and probably only MJ concert ever, that being said, I want a tattoo.
I've always wanted the old mjj productions logo. You know? the one with the feet standing on his toes and the lines coming from it.
But I cant seem to find it ANYWHERE online
If anyone can point me in the right direction or upload something they have like that, it would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone here have any MJ tattoos they want to share?
I was also thinking maybe I can do the profile of his face with the hat.

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I am getting some. Two, or three. Maybe two.
I want 'beat it' on my binki line, and his signature on my foot.
If anyone thinlks your crazy[which they will]oh well
It's not their body and shouldn't be their concern.

when i am old enough, that was the one that i wanted,

The MJJ prod. logo Smiling
haha, i think it would look nice Smiling
i have always said to myself that if i got a tattoo, i would get that, or his signiture, initials with a little heart next to it, OR a sillhouette of his doing the MOONWALKER pose Smiling
Here's the logo you were looking for Smiling http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vL0pa66Pbfg/SDk7ZIxUUXI/AAAAAAAAApo/mwiRAJzo3-...
Good Luck! xxxxxx

i'm thinking of having that done too. Gonna trace up the design on the special edition black cover of just the head section with the animals.

im getting a michael jackson tattoo, ive priced it up. £60 chamone, im getting it done for my birthday. my girlfriend is geting it for me, im getting a sillouete of my avatar pic. getting it on my upper right arm. roll on july. chamone.

i want to get the dangerous cover with the eyes and that and i want to get the MJ symbol from history<<< i have seen a few of them around!

Show me your tattoo jemzi !!!!! xD

managed to get mine done 2day, hope you get yours sorted soon Smiling


The logo you are looking for is on the front page of the book "Moonwalker"...and on every side too...
Do you have the book?


i have 2 MJ tattoos, the first I got in december 2003, its the picture from the cd cover of One More Chance single, with Michaelas name underneath. Its on my left arm. The second one is the one in my avatar photo <<<<<<< over there. Its my cusomised version of the Neverland logo of the boy on the moon, I got it in september 2005

About two years ago I finally got an MJ tattoo. It's on the small of my back. My tattoo is the MJ symbol from the HIStory album. I love love love it.

As I always say, my tattoo is perminant like my devotion..lol.

I tried google and yahoo images and searching for mjj productions logo.
No such luck. Guess i'll have to draw it out.
Ill post back with pictures Smiling

I am ment to be having my tatoo not this weekend but next, am thinking of getting the mj symbol.
(have a few more ideas but fort i would start off small lol)
I also cant find it newere i no i have it on my hard drive but have lost the wires Sad


go to google and try there image section put in mjj productions you might find a photo of it there if you get the tattoo post the pic on here so we can see it. you will have a dope ass tatt my friend!!!