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Michael Jackson:
October 01, 2001

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LOVE THIS ALBUM especialy Privacy its got sooo much intensity!

LOOOVVVEEE this album Laughing out loud
everything is so true what he sings and I can't think of any better words than he always chooses.
<3 <3

It is such a shame this album was so underrated. I absolutely love this album. It is a mature MJ, with heartfelt sensual songs. I regard it as one of his best works. I listen to it all the time!!

Michael Jackson - Invincible
These are my thoughts about the songs, please feel free to tell yours.

I think the album was great. There are tracks that I really, really love. Overall, Invincible is full of magical lyrics and wonderful singing talent of the King of Pop. Critics say that it is his weakest album, mostly because of its long length. But I have to disagree with them, you can never get too much of Michael Jackson singing, can't you?

1. Unbreakable

I love the rhythm of this song. The lyrics are an answer to all the rumours, lies and jealousy;
they're from his heart and beautiful. The rap by Notorious B.I.G. at the end gives it a special

2. Heartbreaker

The second song on the album and it is in line with the first one. It's got great rhythm and also
a little rap. It's great to dance to. This song really shows you were Justin Timberlake got his
inspiration from.

3. Invincible

Invincible is about a girl who doesn't answer his love for her. But it's far from depressing, it has
rhythm. The lyrics are lovely. A real Michael Jackson song.

4. Break Of Dawn

This song is a slow one, it's about making love. He's singing it with so much passion, really
beautiful. The chorus is wonderful, a real song for lovers.

5. Heaven Can Wait

This is one of my favourites of this album. The lyrics are really wonderful. It shows the softer
side of Michael, and I love the soul of the track.

6. You Rock My World

Another favourite of me. This song has it all; great rhythm and beautiful lyrics. A real sing-along.
I love the intro with Chris Tucker.

7. Butterflies
Michael has made this song really beautiful, just because of his extraordinary voice. It's really a
song for all the ones that found perfect love. Beautiful lyrics.

8. Speechless

This is a wonderful song. The lyrics are very recognizable and he sings them with so much love.

9. 2,000 Watts

Full of energy. He's singing it with quite low. It's different from the other songs but that doesn't
mean it's not good, on the contrary.

10. You Are My Life

I find this song simply wonderful. It's slow, but the lyrics are really amazing. I especially like the
chorus. Michael shows just what a wonderful vocal performer he is.

11. Privacy

This song is about how the media is treating him. It's not as good as Tabloid Junkie, but this
one is great as well. I love his angry voice, just letting all the feelings go. It's a song with a true
message, why didn't they respect his privacy?

12. Don't Walk Away

It's a beautiful song with great lyrics. However, I find it a little depressing, but I guess that's what
it is all about.

13. Cry

The lyrics of this song are just wonderful. The song makes you think and I'm sure it can make
you cry. It spreads the true message of MJ: change the world.

14. The Lost Children

Another brilliant song. It shows the genuine love from Michael for children. The lyrics are
beautiful and his voice makes the song amazing.

15. Whatever Happens

I love the melody and instruments of this song. Carlos Santana gives the song a special touch
with his lovely guitar playing. Again, the lyrics are great.

16. Threatened

The lyrics are really cool, but actually the whole song is. It's got great rhythm and I love the parts
by Rod Serling.