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Michael Jackson:
July 01, 2005

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michael jackson's albums are awesome

yes this is the one I want to buy to get Michael jackson his own box set and his essential Michael jackson
his own song;s thatwhat I;am after his latest Album and his Turtial how to learn to dance like him like
michael Jackson to his own songs I want to become A singer just like him one day yes I want to become
a Celebrity become a super star yes I'am his own fan I have joined his own fan club yes I;am his Personal Trainner
by Anne-Mare Miss Joseph jackson I'am his own Partner In crime he was the love of my own life
I have real fealings all about him I had a secert Crush on him and I was In love with him and
with his son Michael Prince and His Impersentor I do love Jason jackson to mencian him to
this was all for him thank you for my own support lot;s of love from annie car

I love this cd listen to it all the time

i got this cd about 10 times where i loves it so much it got a good thew songs on the cd its wonderful x