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Cherokee Billie the psychic -- the truth about the channeled messages from Michael Jackson

I know many of you are aware of Cherokee Billie the psychic who has been channeling Michael Jackson since his death. Recently she posted an article entitled "The Smoking Gun" by Michael Jackson that concerned the circumstances surrounding his death. Ask yourselves this people. Do you know a thing about Cherokee Billie or the private side of Michael Jackson? I'm talking about the man his children, family and personal friends knew. Where any of you there when Michael died? Cherokee Billie is channeling the private side of Michael Jackson. What most of you don't understand is that he is not the same as he was when he was alive. He no longer has many of the same human emotions that we still have. Have any of you done your homework on Cherokee Billie and learned anything about what she does? Think about this for a moment people. One of the many cruelties that Michael suffered in life was being judged and condemned before knowing all the facts. The same thing here is happening to Billie. If she were a real fraud do you think she'd still be around posting these messages knowing what hatred she's receiving from the fans? She cares more about telling the truth and is fully aware of the hate she's getting, BUT she continues to tell the truth because it IS the tuth. For the record, Cherokee Billie does NOT claim to be the only psychic who can channel Michael Jackson. She has no desire to be famous or contact Michael's family because that is not what this is about. Her only purpose is to teach others about spirituality. She put that message up from Michael because Michael knew that many of his fans were still grieving and he wanted them to gain an overall better understanding of the circumstances surrounding his death with the hopes that they would find peace and some closure because he loves his fans so much. Michael has chosen Billie to give these messages to because his new mission in spirit is to help others here on earth to find their faith and learn more about spirituality. He made it very clear in his last message that this would be the last time he would address the topic of his death. As fans of Michael Jackson's, I beg you please do not reduce yourselves to the same level as the haters who hate on him by hating on someone else just because you don't know all the facts. Do your homework first people.

Anastasia (Alyaka) - friend and supporter of Cherokee Billie

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Please be very careful about those who claim that they can channel Michael Jackson in the spirit world. Keep in mind what Michael's basic belief system is based on--his Jehovah's Witnesses system. Be very wary. You may not be talking to Michael but some other entity.

I believe Michael is in heaven. No need for any of these silly connection things; he's onto the REAL thing now.

I'm not saying we can't connect with him. We do by spreading his legacy and his love, and he will live forever.

Respect to you. I love reading miss billie's messages. I feel it is the real thing- It all adds up, that is not to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinons. But indeed be respectfull, be like Mike. Please because we all look better that way dont we?

Love to you anastasia

I have never believed in stuff like this. I'm an athiest so I don't believe in any gods what so ever and I believe that when you die, you just die and that's it. In my oppinion there's no such thing as heaven or hell. I think people invented the term of life after death because they simply cannot accept that when this life is done, then there's no more. And I find that more comforting then having to live on as a spirit, worrying about all those things you didn't accomplish and so on. When I'm done, I just want to be done. And if you want to cange my mind, I would need hard rock evidence. Like a ploaroid of Jesus or something Smiling

On the other hand, I accept that other people need religion in their lives. And I can also understand that believing a person lives on after death can be comforting and that the words of a medium can help ease the pain. And if it gives you peace of mind I think that's wonderful. We all heal in different ways. The way I heal in this situation is that I think about that he never again will have to deal with the troubles in life. He is done, but he lives on in my memory.

I totally agree with MichaelJacksonwasawonder. Why would a spirit care to promote a movie? Why would a spirit care what the internet writes?

I just feel that we should let him rest. If channelling is real, and I'm not saying it is or it isn't, wouldn't it be tantamount to disturbing the peace Michael now has?

I did my research on Billie, and NO I don't believe a word she has typed. Spirits don't promote posthumous movies after they die. Spirits don't read web sites. And Michael Jackson would not speak or act the way this woman has portrayed him. I did my home work, and I know many other fans did too. Its your right to believe in this woman if you wish to. Me, I ain't wasting my time on letting someone mislead or misguide me or my emotions.

Ive read all that Cherokee Billie has posted that is said to be words straight from Michael. Well, I believe in God and not into psychics, channeling, quigy boards, and all that crap. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, after reading Cherokee's msgs I did feel an overwhelming peace and contentment and it felt like her words did indeed come from MJ. If she is a fake, she is a damn GREAT one. I cant say she is the real deal, but what i can say is that her word (supposedly MJs words) has helped me get past the depression I was feeling these 4 months. I thank Cherokee for that. MJ, if you are speaking thru Cherokee, I am happy 2 kno u are happy and at peace.

If she knows the whole truth , i don't believe that , than she know something that only his soul-mate knows.
Many say that they "talk" with Michael and receive massages from, Michael isn't a spirit and you cannot channelling him , he doesn't want to, he wants his rest............... and stay safe for now especially to do with his soul-mate.

You have to bring me up to speed? who is this person. Message me. I did feel / have had some channeling. I think it's grief?