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Michael's Hobbies & Interests

<strong>INTERESTS & HOBBIES</strong>

Obviously, these were the things Michael enjoyed while living. Now that he's gone, I'm sure Michael would love for us to use the list for comfort and healing..
u are a new fan wanting to learn as much you can about our late great King of Pop, or if you have already been a longtime fan pull up a chair... have a sit down. too.
Reading, painting, martial arts, dancing, acting, drawing, animals, philanthropic and humanitarian causes, going to amusement parks, traveling, shopping, going to the movies, spending time with children (especially terminally ill and underprivileged children), collect paintings, sculptures, movie memorabilia and old costumes, investing.

<strong>Best Friend:</strong> Elizabeth Taylor

<strong>Idols: </strong>Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelley, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Three Stooges, Walt Disney

<strong>Favorite Accessory:</strong> Black Fedora

<strong>Favorite Actor/Actress:</strong> Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn, Morgan Freeman, Marlon Brando

<strong>Favorite Artists: </strong>Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci

<strong>Favourite Board Game:</strong> Monopoly

<strong)First Movie Debut:</strong> 'The Wiz' (1978)

<strong>First Record Ever Bought:</strong> 'Mickey's Monkey' by Smokey Robinson and Miracles

<strong>First Record Ever Made:</strong>sd 'Big Boy' (Steel Town Records)

<strong>Current Record Label:</strong> Epic Records (Sony Music)

<strong>Own Record Label:</strong> MJJ Music

<strong>Famous Duets: Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson

<strong>Favorite Books:</strong> 'Peter Pan' by James Matthew Barrie, 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' by Richard Bach, 'The Old Man And The Sea' by Ernest Hemingway

<strong>Favorite Classical Composers:</strong> Claude Debussy ('Afternoon of the Fawn'), Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Sergei Sergejewitsch Prokofjew

<strong>Favorite Colors:</strong> Red, black

<strong>Favorite Disney Characters:</strong> Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Pinocchio

<strong>Favorite Drink:</strong> mineral water (e.g. Evian, Perrier), fruit juice (orange), vegetable juice (carrot), Gatorade (during concerts)

<strong>Favorite Food:</strong> Mexican, exotic, spicy & vegetarian food, Sushi, pizza, chicken, fish, fresh fruits, popcorn, vanilla ice with cookie pieces, sunflower seeds, glazed doughnuts, frosted flakes with milk, M&Ms

<strong>Favorite Movies:</strong> 'Peter Pan', 'E.T.', 'Star Wars'

<strong>Favorite Singers: </strong>James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Sammy Davis Jr., The Temptations, Diana Ross

<strong>Favorite Songs When He Was A Child: 'Tobacco Road', 'You Are My Sunshine', 'Cloud Nine' by The Temptations

<strong>Favorite TV Shows:</strong> Flip Wilson Show, Brady Bunch, Road Runner Show, The Simpsons

Peace & Love


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"Michael Jackson geeks" LOL.
I'm a conspiracy buff too so I'm doubly doomed to be a freak, whatever - it is what it is lol.

We have a lot of things in common, we must say that we are born in the same years and I had brothers and sisters older than me♥

this is too many facts i only need like 3 u michael jackson geeks

This was very good info. Thank you for that Laughing out loud I love frosted flakes! Smiling

Interesting read, thanks for posting this. Always learning something new!

Interesting to know all about the man, Michael jackson

I love frosted flakes and carrot juice, Michael had excellent taste.

A list of Michael's interests and hobbies. Good to read again. Smiling


Michael's got great tastes!

Love this... ♥♥♥ Thanks Kita!

whoa! i didn't know red and black were his favorite colors! those are my school colors! wow, Michael and I share a lot in common (mostly by food standards Smiling ) i love this all Laughing out loud

Hey Kita girl! *big cyber hug* How are you sweetheart? I'm so glad you're back. I never saw this thread before. I will save it as a favorite!

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yer welcome!

Thanks Kita for bumping this one up. Never saw it before.

Wow, Kita! Thank you for this great list! It's kind of scary....I see a lot of myself in that list. LOL!

That is a great list. I also love everything you listed of his. I also love Aaron Copeland, I love his piece Simple Gifts. It's absolutely beautiful.

Wow Kita, thanks for bringing this back to the top. I love learning new things about Michael.


Michael I love you!

Oh, thanks for posting that. There are many things I like too, Pizza, chicken, Walt Disney (all the movies), and many more. Now I know more about his favorite things.

Sushi - yum, yum.... now I'm hungry.

I noticed that one of his favorite drinks is Perrier water. That reminds me of a rumor that I heard years ago that Michael used to take baths in Perrier water. Does anybody remember hearing that rumor?

Thank you, there's always something new to learn I did not know yet.
Like it..!

That's a great list! As for the classical composers, I remember that he also liked contemporary classical composer Aaron Copeland (all of you know some of his music even if you think you don't).

But...I'm not sure that I took him for a 'frosted flakes' sorta guy. lol