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Michael & Tatiana

July 25, 2009
Posted by the glove one

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She said he bit his bottom lip, she thought that was a challenge from him, so she kissed him. She thought wrong! Tatiana must never have seen Michael perform before. He bites his bottom lip all the time, doesn't mean he wanted her to smash her face onto his and mess up his very perfectly choreographed routine. Oh, but I guess she knows that now. If Michael had wanted a kiss in that routine, he would have put it there. She showed a total lack of respect for him and his female fans by her behavior and he did the right thing by firing her. Many have said he probably enjoyed that kiss. Look closer, his lips are so tightly clenched together he cannot breath, and if he enjoyed it so much why did he have it cut completely out of the video? I believe he was embarressed and angry, and proof of that, he fired her an hour later and never spoke to her again. So, some of you really WISH you could be her? Not me!

i so want to be her ! lol lucky Tatiana xD <33


still hate her!

WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GLAD SHE WAS FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They would have made a mad hot couple!

omg i hate her so much! she said he was flirting with her and so she kissed him on stage. after that they fired her and accused her of taking advantage of michael. hahaha, but if i were her, i would pound on him even if it costs my life. Laughing out loud

bet hes going to get a boner after that lol love u mike

I read from the story given below..GOOD that MJ fired her..

I wish that was me!