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Beautiful, Sexy !

February 7, 2009

Beautiful, Sexy !

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hello michael

hello michael

weird i'm listin' to Remember the time in 5 4 3 2 right now. yes i remember my baby!

I LOVE his belt Eye-wink

I wanna suck him!!!!

I wanna Suck him as much as posible... until he was satisfied!!!!! Yeaaaaaah


ahhhhh ! Laughing out loud Mike is soooo sexy !! <3 dannng [: lol

i haven,t the beattles version,i could care less,to haer it michaels verson is so good,and michael looks so hot and sexy,i love that part where says to u feel my desease,come together right now over me,i just that warm feeling everytime i hear it.

Muy pero que muy sexy......!!