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Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Concert DVD - in NY

Hi all

I was just wondering how I could get hold of the above DVD? preferably new.

Please email me at:


Many Thanks


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Hey would love a copy if anyone is able to burn me one. I can pay for the disc and postage happily. Really want to be able to watch this whenever, its brilliant!

Looking for this DVD as well. Went on IOffer but something about it made me apprehensive.

Hi I can make a copy 2 everyone who want it , I recorded in vhs and pased it 2 dvd the image is good but if You have a blueray that can upconvert the signal 2 1080p its even better

I bought one from IOffer that won't even play. Buyer beware.

Also saw one seller on ebay. Well, if any of you have problems getting it, i could make copie for you.

I got mine from ioffer.com. Ask the seller about clarity before buying.

Yeah I'd like to know too. I was at that concert and do have it on VHS but I want it on dvd now. I threw out my VCR a while ago so I can't even watch it anymore.

Hi I am trying to obtain the 30th Anniversary DVD too - are they available.

Been trying to track down a copy of this also, but with no luck so far Sad