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This is the song that made me a fan! I wasn't a fan till your death, and the week after you dies, i was watching all your hits on the internet. Then, when i saw the Grammy performance from 1988, that tied the knot. Since that day, i have been completely obsessed. Thank you Michael for such a beautiful song! Still cry when i hear it!

Love this song so much.My best friend and I always sing this song and then she move out so I reminding her when I here Man In The Mirror so I love it

I think man in the mirror is a effective song. it has changed the lives of millions of people and has benefitted those who do look at the man in the mirror and make the necessary changes. I hope that as time goes by everyone who hears man in the mirror applies its meaning by looking at the man in the mirror. I love you MJ and you have forever captured my heart.


This is just crazy. The choir, MJ's vocals, the lyrics. It's crazy!! But..... please don't think MJ wrote this. 'Cause he didn't. Siedah Garrett did. So, props to her for writing one of the best songs in the history of the galaxy!!! And props to Mike for having the best voice EVER!!!! RIP!

i just love this song
without it i wouldn't have made a change in myself.

I AM A PART OF M.J!!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im a big fan of michael jackson

i have it on tape every time it plays i think of what he has been through and his life.