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Remembering Michael's Birthday

August 27, 2009

On August 29th Michael Jackson would have turned 51 years old. Go to the Memories section of to leave leave your personalized birthday message.


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Happy 51st birthday Michael.
I miss you dearly.
I remember when I was younger my dad would blare Thriller. i would be scared because when Vincent Price would "rap". I love your music alot. Everytime I go to my friends house I bring Thriller Bad and Dangerous. I have 4 of your shirts. Your music influences alot of our artist today. We are all lucky to have an amazing enterainer like nyou. You set good examples for us. My dad told me that my grandpa loved your music and his favorite was Billie Jean. When I get older and have children I will tell them about you and your music. I will always love your music and I will always miss you. You will always be the KING OF POP. No one will ever replace you. It still feel's like a nightmare that your gone. I wish I could have gone to your tour and see you live and perform and meet you in person. We wil all see you in heaven when our time comes. <3. I love you Michael Joseph Jackson.I miss you. I will never ever in a billion years forget you. <33

Happy Birthday!! Feliz Cumpleaños Michael!! Que Dios te tenga en sus brazos, descanza en paz. Te quiero mucho mucho y te extraño demasiado.
I love U soo much and I miss you!


I can't believe how many years have passed since I became a HUGE fan of you in 1983. You inspired me a lot. You were definately the hottest, most talented singer/dancer ever. No one will ever replace you. There is and will always be only one Michael Jackson. I'm happy I had the pleasure to be around during your time. And even happier I saw you and your brothers in concert for the 1984 victory tour. I'm very sad, God took you too soon. Even though I never met you, I cried the day God took you. I believe he took you for a reason, I believe he needed you to perform in Heaven for all the angels to see. Even though you're in Heaven, you're still around us. Because you're music and legacy will live on forever. Your memories will always remain in my heart. I love you and miss you very much. God bless you and rest in peace.

I went down to your home in Gary on your birthday. They were having a block party for you there. I met many young people who know your songs, dances, lyrics, and through you even know who James Brown is! Heck, these little ones also knew who Ted Kennedy is. You are still inspiring children in trying circumstances, Michael, and indeed all of us. I hope you can see how well you are loved.

We remember the people who gave us love.

Happy Birthday Michael, I miss you more than words can say. Love you always xx

Happy Birthday my dear Michael!I will never forget that cute smile...i love you and you will always be in my heart!Love from Tamara.

You´re something like a phanomenon,living in everlasting love. There was and there will never be someone like you.Sorry, i missed you at 5th star.May all your dreams come true. ´Cause Everything is possible, if god´s on your side.

Love you forever,
one of the little stars that twinkle for you

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson
I love and always will miss you!!!
You'll never be forgotten. Thanks for all the AMAZING music you brought to this world! =)

..Happy Birthday..
¤Happy Birthday¤

Happy Birthday..
Uncle Michael..
I miss you..
I hope,,
in there you always "SMILE" Smiling for me..

I love Michael.