Are the MJ Pepsi can for sale yet?

I have my husband check every time he goes to Walmart for the MJ pepsi cans. I know it's just pepsi's way of making money off of MJ but I still plan on buying them because when I move which will hopefully be soon I will be getting my very own craft room which will also be my MJ memorial room.

If the cans are out yet where are they sold and if they are not out yet does anyone know when they will be released. As you can tell I am dying to get my hands on one.

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Oh, my deer Jax, you be waiting patiently, i sure you be getting some my love.


Oh my, i having ideas of wat going on here wit this chatting, i wanting a pepsi can so very bad now, oh yes indeed, oh boy, whatever shall i do, oh Lord, patience woman, oh my. All my love to you, good lucky. xx

I never got a Pepsi can Sad

Message for US fans trying to get hold on a special edition Bad 25 Pepsi canFrom the Michael Jackson Estate : We are aware that fans in the U.S. have been having some difficulty locating the special edition Bad 25 Pepsi Cans. Pepsi would like you to know that Wal-mart is the retailer that has the most widespread distribution in the U.S., but as retailers vary by market, distribution may be uneven.

Pepsi invites you to call their consumer hotline for more information as the staff is equipped with information about the Pepsi cans. The hotline number is: 1-800-433-2652

oh,they came to china very early,i have bought a lot since then,heehee~~~
and now we chinese fans have used it to do many things,for example,in GUANGZHOU,CHINA,they use 12000 cans to make a big MICHAEL,wow,it was really amazing.
but i hate the ad. shown on our TVs you know,i stared at the TV,desiring to see michael ,but he didn't appear at all,they just used BAD as the backgroud music and they let the actress i most hate dance to the music,which seriously disgust me!!!!!!!