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MJ Pepsi cans - send pic to get a download

so your suppose to snap a pic of a MJ pepsi can and email it to MJ@pepsi.com and you get to download a remix of an MJ song - i did this and had no success - it sent me an email for pongr site? has anyone else had this experience or am i just doing it wrong?

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yeah, i will try again and see if they send me a new link

It also has the same promo for the Michael Jackson Official Store...so has to be legitimate as far as I'm concerned. Snap your photo, follow the instructions and ENJOY!!! Btw, just so you know, I posted some with me holding it, they messaged back that the can wasn't clear enough..me thinks they prefer just the can itself. Could be wrong,but when I sent the photo of the can, they accepted it. Guess my "mug" scared 'em-LOL. Eye-wink
You will receive a message from mj@pongr.com stating whether it's accepted or not, just so you're aware. Good luck!

I'm happy to say this is legit!!! I received my download after following the instructions...It is a spicier version of BAD sung by our angel!!! Love it...shamon! Smiling Eye-wink Laughing out loud

Here's the official message on Pepsi's Facebook page:
"Have you seen the new King of Pop Pepsi Can? Find one, snap a pic and send it to MJ@pepsi.com and get an exclusive song download celebrating the 25th anniversary of the epic album "Bad.""
I sent a photo and will let you know if I receive anything.

i called pepsi and they are suppose to get back with me cause it is a legit promo