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Happy Birthday wishes to Katherine Jackson who turns 82 today Smiling Eye-wink...Also Happy Birthday,Jackie jackson!!! Smiling Eye-wink
Thank you, Katherine, for giving us Michael, who we love and cherish beyond words...he is singing to you from the heavens!

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Happy Birthday Mrs Jackson, yes I'm a bit late, I hope you had a lovely day ♥

happy birthday god bless you mrs.katherine jackson

May God Bless Her To See Many More!!!!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Mrs. Jackson and Jackie!

Happy Birthday Katherine(as a lady)

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Jackson and Jackie, I hope you both have a wonderful and blessed day, Michael is happy and singing just for you.



Happy Birthday Katherine
Have a nice day

Happy Birthday Mrs Jackson. Love and Best Wishes xo

Happy Birthday Katherine and Jackie! The entire MJ fan community is sending lots of L.O.V.E. to you on your special day.

Leslie, you are so lucky but yet in such bittersweet circumstances, to meet such a beautiful woman who has made a difference in inspiring others in this world just being who they are and no-one else.

My best birthday wishes to you dear sweet Katherine, if it weren't for you, there wouldn't be wonderful children in the music industry, and extending the family heritage in being a wonderful grandparent. You have overcome so much adversity and physical impairment along with a tremendous valiant courage and inspiration, because you are simply a beautiful, gracious and compassionate lady inside and out with such dignity and chivalry, and a heart of gold. Bless, dear sweet woman, have a wonderful blessed day, along with your dearest son Jackie who was also blessed to have been born on this special day. Like mother like son, sweet, shy and reserved, we love you too Jackie. ♥

Happy birthday to you, Miss Beautiful Katherine Jackson!! And thank you so much for your gift, Michael. We love you so much and you and your miraculous son are always in our hearts..L.O.V.E.
And happy birthday to jackie too!!

Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. Jackson. Words can't express how sorry I am for all of the heartache you and your family have been through (as well as all of the heartache poor Michael went through). You are a very special angel and it was obvious that Michael loved you with all of his heart. We do, too. In a special way, you are "Mother" to all of Michael's fans. We love him more than words can express and we love you so much as well. I hope you have a wonderful day (even though I know you don't celebrate birthdays). Give the kids a great big hug and kiss from all of Michael's fan-mily here on the forums. We are very proud of them and I know that Michael is so happy with the way that they have grown up so beautifully. (That's because of you and the rest of the family and all of your love!) You're doing a wonderful job with them!

Happy Birthday to you, too, Jackie! There is something about you that breaks my heart whenever I see an interview with you. You are so sweet. It seems to me that the whole Jackson family is full of sweethearts!
I love you all and keep you in my prayers.

A very, very happy birthday to you Mrs. Katherine Jackson and thank you very much for your beautiful gift to us, called Michael !!!
And of course a very happy birthday to you too, Jackie !!!

Happy birthday to you!!! Laughing out loud

Thank you for Michael Smiling

Happy Birthday Katherine and Jackie!! Smiling
Mrs. Jackson, you are a woman of love, and I want to thank you for showing us what love truly is by bringing Michael into this world. Much love to you. ♥

Happy birthday Mrs Jackson!!!

Happy Birthday Kathrine JacksonThank you for giving us such a wonderful gift named Michael.May Allah bless you and Michael's soul.

Happy Birthday Kathrine!!! Smiling
A wonderful woman full of love that brought us an amazing human beeing and named him Michael.
Take care Kathrine, love from us!! Sticking out tongue

LJMISSMJ, what a wonderful moment.....<3<3

Happy Birthday Ms. Katherine, Jackie and my very own James who turns 51 today!


Happy birthday Katherine <3 Thank you so much for giving us the most loving and beautiful man ever!! We love you!!

Happy Birthday Katherine Jackson and eldest son Jackie!
(At opening night of the Immortal show in Las Vegas, I was blessed and honored to meet the gracious Mrs. Jackson, she held my hand as I blubbered and cried about Michael (embarrassing) and I thanked her endlessly (I was a mess) then I showed her the pin I was wearing, which was a beautiful picture of Michael, herself, and Joe Jackson, she looked at it and gave me a lovely smile. She said something to me -probably stop crying lady, but I can't remember, lol. There was about 10 of us together, we all went back to our seats and everyone of us had tears in our eyes.I will never ever forget and will cherish that experience as long as I live. May God continue to keep her and Bless them All!

Happy birthday Katherine, you have been handed such a huge responsibility, and I admire you so much for the way you are raising those special children. As a grandmother myself I have been really impressed by the way you have coped with all that has been thrown at you. I hope you have many, many more years left to enjoy watching them grow into adulthood.

Happy birthday Katherine. It takes a blessed woman to birth such a wonderful heart of a man.