We love you Mr. Jackson, and we will always be here to thank you for everything.

"Like the old Indian proverb says, do not judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins. Most people don't know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true. I cry very, very often because it hurts and I worry about the children. All my children all over the world. I live for them. If a man could say nothing against a character what he can prove, his story could not be written. Animals strike not from malice, but because they want to live. It is the same with those who want to criticize, they desire our blood, not our pain. But still I must achieve. I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world, for the children. But have mercy, for I've been bleeding a long time now."

Comments (753)

Hi Greet! I have noticed too that time goes by quickly between my posts, but I am always thinking about Michael and Prince, Paris and Blanket on a daily basis. I miss his smile.....

There is some good news though, new album coming out soon. I like what I have already heard. What does everyone think about it?

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Love you Michael!

I realize how fast time flies, when I see how long it is already since I posted here. I remember a period we could not post here some weeks ago. Hi to you Kim ! Hope you are fine and yes, the new year was not bad ! Who are we to complain when we look around and see what is happening in the world ! Thanks to you Michael I see everything differently than before June 25. And I would never want to go back to the old times. Thank you Michael, and I love you and your children. Take care, all of you, and all of my friends here (who I seldom see here !).♥♥♥♥

Hi everyone, hope the New Year has been good so far to each of you.

Now, where have all the comments from December gone? I haven't checked in for awhile so not sure about January or February, but the December comments are gone.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love you Michael!

Happy Birthday Prince ! 17 years ago was one of the happiest days in your father's life. I know he is proud of you, always was and always will be. Like you said in an interview : he taught you well ! Have fun ! Love you, your father and your siblings.♥♥♥♥

Safe and Happy Holidays to all; one more year comes to a close and a new one will begin.

Love you Michael!

Love you Michael ! Thank you !♥♥♥♥

Happy Halloween everybody ! Oh yes, Michael, you are on my mind too, most of the time. I know it will never change, always growing stronger. That's the magic, the mystery of you. I love you and your children. Thank you !♥♥♥♥

Hi Everyone!

Today Michael was on my mind a lot, I'm sure it has to do with Murray getting out on Monday and wondering where that will lead things. I wonder how that will affect his appeal since he will no longer be in jail?

Love you Michael!

Hello to all of you wonderful people Smiling Michael darling I still miss you every day , I am thinking of you and I wish for impossible things sigh * Time does not heal just helps you get used to the situation.

Well, you are still on my mind most of the days and nights, my first thought and my last, and I see you in so many things, and you taught me and are still teaching me so much. I will never be able to thank you enough Michael. Love lives forever ! I love you.♥♥♥♥

Angela, I don't know what the purpose was of this vid. Some say not to believe anything. We don't know and perhaps we'll never know. But apart from this vid, It would not surprise me that such programs existed or still exist. When it comes to ego, power and money, anything can happen. For some people, other persons lives have no 'humane' value. How selfish can they be.
Michael, you always did value all life, people, animals, threes, everything... I never realized that or thought of it before June 25. And then, there you were, suddenly. I am to blame that I only got to know more you after this day. I regret it, and feel ashamed. But at the same time I am so happy that I have found you. I thank you and love you always..♥♥♥♥
And the 4 hearts for your children and you.....

Robert Connors says he became Director of communications for the Sedgwick operation (which was formed in 1989 by Ronald Regan) of March 1994. Connors said that this project was the second stage of MK Ultra (mind control). He said that it is the sole purpose is to control the African-American population through music. Connors said "I show my face and I will reveal my name for my own protection. If something were to happen to me, you know that it wasn't an accident. Robert Connors, said served with the Ministry of defence for more than 20 years. He said that it was his duty as an ex used to protect the constitution against foreign and domestic threats. He says that he has joined the Department to create a world more safe for her children and grandchildren, but in the last decade of his career, he "saw one of the greatest threats to the nation." He says that he has a series of videos and audio recordings proving the existence of the project. He said his division was ordered to destroy the evidence, but his conscience did not allow him to do so. Connor said that the videos and audio recordings provide details on Tupac Shakur's death and other secrets that the public has lied about including "independent entities of the federal Government and this world." Connors request colleagues in his Department to join him to expose the lies. He said it gives the Ministry of defence until September 23, 2013 to expose this information. He said that if they do not, it will broadcast the videos and audios to the public via YouTube. To show that he is serious, Connors has released an incredible conversation Michael Jackson had before his death. Connors says Michael phone was bugged. In the recording, Michael said: "I do not know if I have to tell you this. I do not know who may be listening. There may be a group of people... they want to get rid of me. "" I can not talk on the phone. I do not know what's going to happen, I feel in my soul. God only knows. They may kill me, they could stab me, they could fit me and say that I overdosed on drugs. They can do many things. "" It is not the Government. It's more than the Government. But I do not know... I do; care t on my life, I want just that my children are okay, my little angels. I want them to be safe. "

Please watch, Michael's voice at 4:11- never heard before,- they say on 24th of june 2009, and Conspiracy against african americans; soon it will be deleted

"Uploaded just 16 hours ago. There is a conspiracy against all african americans. "It is urgent that all American citizens view this video. Please spread with haste as I do not know how long this video or channel will be active. God Bless America." - Robert Connors

Please share and help to delete the fakes.

Thank you Angela for the link.
I have read the book "A life for Love" and I think especially those that are not MJ fans should read it. I Love the book.
Michael, you are so not what was shown by the media. In my eyes, you are the most normal person. But what is"normal" anyway ! Our beautiful world shattered by us, the people, who are mainly not considerate about others, who think we are the good ones (Ego), and who love status and possessions. We should know better, HE showed and shows us every day to stay humble, work hard and to love. Thank you Michael Jackson, for the lessons you give to us in such great numbers, the love you show us, the example you live. I love you forever. I love your beautiful, smart children. I think they have a heart of gold too, just like you.♥♥♥♥

Look around, at the world you live in, observe what is happening, acknowledge you are a part of it, you are responsible.
Here is the story of an abused little girl, she is just 11 years old. Continue and share The Legacy!
Thank you Michael and thank you all!


You are missed so much and by so many; you are thought of every day and will always be in our hearts for an eternity.

Love you Michael!

Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world!

I wish you a day as BRIGHT as your smile, as WARM as your heart and as SPECIAL as you are! I hope today you will get back some of the good you've done a million times...

I love you, Michael ♥ Far more than simple words could ever say...

Happy Birthday, baby boy ♥

Michael can have no great day, he has found his peace.
But you can visit him on FL... he will rock the heaven and show up there to all, what is a good Moonwalk...
Love you and miss you Michael and I'm so sry ...

Happy Birthday Michael, I love you with all my soul.
Miss you my angel <3

Happy Birthday dearest Michael! We thank you for your kindness and for teaching us so much in the spirit of Love! Have the greatest Day! I love you!
I love you my dear friends, let's have together the Greatest Celebration!

Happy birthday Michael, 55 years since you were born. What a life you had, how you influenced millions in such a positive way. Thank you. I Love you and your children forever.♥♥♥♥
Hi to my friends, some of you will surely come here too !

Beautiful words Michael said Miriam. We love you Michael. Thank you. ♥♥♥♥
Yes, here we met friends. Love you !

"I want you to know that I appreciate my fans every day of my life. It is your presence, your faith and your loyalty that has given me
great strength during difficult times, and it was you who inspired me to work hard and deliver, I owe you. Over the years we became a family. You are all my family. My children are your children and all children of the world are our children and our responsibility." “It was you who put your heart on the line. It was you who stepped forward to defend someone you love. It was you, on a worldwide basis who supported me as my army, my soldiers of love.“You were always there. You are always loyal and I love you forever.” MJ♥

We love you back Michael and miss you angel, my heart goes out for you and your children.

Always a pleasure to be here, Greet, where all of us first meet.

Love u so much Michael, we will always stand by your side.

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Good to see you Miriam. What a shame Paris cannot go home because of the stupidity and ugliness of others. It is not her that needs treatment, it is those who made her do this !
Love you always Michael, Prince, Paris and Blanket. Love you more every day !♥♥♥♥
Thank you !

Finally I can join the site again with a different ID but I always will be here, reading or writing to remember you (Michael) how much I love and miss you.
Very hard times with the trial, all about your life, hurting while Ortega and Katherine broke down in tears and hugged each other.
It is a big shame anyone helped you till the end.
Hope Paris have a fast recovery now that is away from the public eye, I hope someone is giving her all the strength and love she deserves.

Love you friends, always here for Michael, yes Kim, to me that place also gives me good memories and still feel different being there, is like a different feeling.

Michael you always will be loved, very very loved, incredible beautiful man, inside and out.

Hi all, lots of people on holidays ? Nobody came in to thank you Michael, but we are here, still and to thank and love you. I will be gone for a couple of weeks. Have a nice holiday friends !
I will always love you Michael, Prince, Paris and Blanket! ♥♥♥♥

Yes Kim, it was an adventure. It still feels "different" there, always brings a special feeling. Memories.... I love you too, my chat-mates, and thank you for the wonderful hours we spent together.
Love you Michael, Prince, Paris and Blanket. Thank you Michael. "You are not alone" ♥♥♥♥