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Watch "Hold My Hand" (Duet With Akon)

Watch "Hold My Hand" (Duet With Akon)
December 09, 2010

Mark Pellington shot “Hold My Hand” in California with a diverse array of real Michael Jackson fans as its cast. In the video, Pellington tells the story of the song through a collage of images of both Michael and Akon as well as people representing Michael’s legacy, shining a light on the aura left behind by King of Pop. As he describes, “The video is a tribute to all that Michael stands for -- life, in all its, and its power.... A video of memory, healing and joy.”


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The first time i met my now partner I took her hand as we crossed the street, it was an amazing first date as we saw the dolphin's swim past. This song reminded me of that first moment, and the many more since then. I Love you
Princess and miss Michael Jacksons music...... xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

That was amazing! i love it! so many good things about Michael were put in this video.

We love you MJ <3

That was beautiful! i nearly cried Sad we miss u sooo much Michael!!! xxx

Absolutely L.O.V.E. this.
A beautiful and creative tribute made with love.
Miss you so much Michael. Your so much alive in all your fans. You will live forever ♥

It is great loved the song and a great film clip

1st time for me I held back for I felt uncomfortable listening so work Mj had not released. Kinda went against the grain with me. I came on this site the other week after some absence. I felt home sick. I needed to be close to MJ. I see/came to the screen and clicked. " I cried " it is a lovely song & the music clip evoked emotions that made it hard to watch without filling up and smiling at the same time.

hey guys watch monster,best of joy, hollywood tonight, keep your head up here-
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best of joy-

ENJOY Smiling