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Give In To Me

September 01, 1993

"Give In To Me" music video featuring Michael Jackson performing at a concert. © 1992 Optimum Productions

Songwriters: Michael Jackson, Bill Bottrell
Album: Dangerous
Director: Andy Morahan
Production Dates: June 1992
Primary Production Location: Munich, Germany

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me encanta esta canción lastima que las grandes personas deban de irse tan rapdo

One of my favorite videos of him.

Hands down King of Music

dare michael jackson from dianne from washington dc i like your video give it to me i hope that you in joy reading my fan letters today i hope you can tune page to to a new letter from a fan that live s in washington dc please take time and in joy yourself by finding clues about want i should to to keep my self from felling like girl that i am a big big big big big fan of pop icon star you are such a nice father how on earth did hoax video fore your fans all over the world to find out that you where playing a prank ] on them i hope they would tune over in there beds when they find out about your ghost video i have found them all michael] dare michaeljacksonn ] can i asked king want do you mean that you are a diffrent person ] i found this bad video of you being a v p is it real or not from dianne from va ] can you tell me if it is ture so i can let your fans know want they are getting themselfs in to ] are you a v p and why is you teeth long mj is it ture

OMG This song is soo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!